Secret of Sucess by Rain

On May 10th and 11th, Korean pop star Rain held press conferences in Atlanta and New York City to promote his upcoming concert dates of "Rain's World Tour" at Phillips Arena on June 19th and Madison Square Garden on June 23rd.

At the press conference, he was asked:

Question: There are quite a lot of young people who want to become an entertainer and emulate you. You have worked very hard to get to where you are now. Can you share the secrets of your success?

Rain : First of all, for everything that you want to do, whatever that might be, either singing or acting, you need to have a great passion for it. I think it's possible to succeed in whatever you do if you have enough passion. I would like to say these words. We know water will boil when it reaches the right temperature. But success may not come along just because one gives 100%. That person also has to have good fortune. You can give more than 100%, even 200%t, and you may still not reach your expectation, which you define as "success."

When you want to be successful, instead of attaching to it and thinking of the word "success", do what you enjoy and completely throw yourself into it. Don't feel burdened and don't even think about the word, "success". You will already be a success when you just love what you do and enjoy what you do.

Interview: Epoch Times Washington D.C. Staff
up by: rainhk
credit: jinlees@soompi & dsl99a@sexybi

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