Soulmate (소울메이트) Episodes Info & Summaries

Here's the list of episodes, including summaries and info about title and date aired . 'Soulmate' has technically 22 episodes, but the complete serie has 12 hours and was aired in 12 days (that's why in some websites it says that 'Soulmate' has 12 episodes). Episodes 1 and 2 had 1 hour long so they aired in diferent days, but episode 3-22 had around 30 minutes each so 2 episodes were aired per day.

Ah! Most of the titles of the episodes are taken from songs that fits the mood and story of each episode.

Download Episodes & Special: Link <-In case you don't know where to find it! ;)


Episode 01
Title: 이건 사랑노래가 아니야 / This is not a love song
Airdate: 2006-Mar-13
Theme Song: Nouvelle Vague - This Is Not A Love Song (Mediafire)

Soo-kyung, like in her dreams gets proposed to from her boyfriend who she has been with for the last 5 years, but...!!!
“Honey!! Your not going to really propose to me here, are you?!!”
Does this make sense getting proposed to in a subway full of people?!! How unromantic!!
Phillip!! Can’t you propose to me at another place other than here?
Meanwhile at the other side of the city~
Dong-ook, a born player, is at a marriage meeting with Yu-jin!
Are you kidding? Who is the world comes out to a marriage meeting and takes the date to eat soondae soup!!
Taking a date to a eat soondae soup, and afterwards not calling them!!
This guy is not just a pro but a dating pro!! When it comes down to dating he is the GOD!!
If Dong-ook is the god of dating then there is Min-ae, the goddess of dating!!
There is never a time when Min-ae just lets a guy wearing pants just pass her by! Rye Hei has been caught in her trap!! Now Rye Hei has been caught in Min-ae’s sexy temptations which people under the age 19 can not watch!!
Now it is the start of the 6 couples love and dating!
They finally start to uncoil the thread of fate between them.
Who is their actual soulmate?


Episode 02

Title: 꿈은 깨어지고... / Broken Dreams
Airdate: 2006-Mar-20
Theme Song: Basement Jaxx - Broken Dreams (Mediafire)

Bride-to-be Soo-kyung! A new type of dating!! She attends a speedy date meeting! There she meets a perfect mannered man.
With this perfect man she goes on a date in his sports car!!
Meanwhile, husband-to-be Philip! He can not stand Min-ae’s deadly temptations anymore!!
“Love is something to comes not something you do!!”
Philip can not with hold his feelings towards Min-ae anymore and confesses...
Anyways this couple!! It’s happened, it’s happened!! What has happened? Their both cheating on each other!!!
The born playboy Dong-ook once said!
♬A beautiful woman loves to be impressed~ a beautiful woman like to be impressed~♪ Yu-jin spills coffee while talking on the phone with Dong-ook! To top that her phone runs out of batteries while talking to him.
To Dong-ook making critical situation into an opportunity in dating is a piece of cake!! Chapter 2 of the dating book! Surely to draw hearts in the girls eyes!! An impressive serenade!! Will it really wet Yu-jin’s eyes and make her draw hearts? Can’t wait to see.
Sexy! Laid back couple Rye Hein and Min-ae!
We date like this! The final game chapter of the best looking man and womwan!!
The game that is said to be only played by true laid back couples!!
Just 10 minutes!!
Are you also a laid back couple?! If so then why don’t you give it a try~
As the story proceeds it gets even funnier!! A love story of 6 couples full of fun and twists and turns!!
We guarantee you laughter!! Keep your channels fixed!!


Episode 03
Title: 난 사랑하고 있는 게 아냐 / I'm not in love
Airdate: 2006-Mar-27
Theme Song: -

Playboy Shin Dong-ook’s dating book chapter 3!!
“Love without the pushing and pulling is like a MP3 player without earphones!!”
Dong-ook’s brilliant push and pull strategy reverses and reverses a situation!!
“It is said that if there is an eye for an eye there is a push and pull for a push and pull.” Yu-jin gets fed up with Dong-ook’s love games!!
She tries a counterattack by going out to another marriage meeting but...
Yu-jin and Dong-ook’s push and pull game is even more thrilling than the world cup and the WBC!!
Who will be the final winner of this game?!!


Episode 04

Title: 내게로 와요 / C'mon through
Airdate: 2006-Mar-27
Theme Song: Lasse Lindh - C'mon Through (Mediafire)

Oh no!! The one situation that not even an admonitory address can stop has come upon the 5 year couple!!! Period of lassitude!!!
Save the 5 years with Philip!!!
Soo-kyung’s ways of recovering from the state of ennui is revealed!!
Meanwhile, Philip who doesn’t know whether to go back to his long love or his new love!!
I will end this situation like a man!!
Choi Philip, a wolf in depair!! Who is he going to choose?


Episode 05

Title: 우리 사랑의 테마를 연주해줘요 / Play our love's theme song
Airdate: 2006-Apr-03
Theme Song: Toki Asako (土岐麻子) - Play Our Love's Theme (Mediafire)

What is world kind of situation is this?!!
Doodoong~ Yu-jin has cut all kind of communication!! Dong-ook has met the crisis to his love game?!!
BUT!! To a playboy there can be a crisis but there is no such thing as giving up!! “Lessen the consumption of energy! Maximize efficiency!”
Playboy Shin Dong-ook’s mark !! An amazing guide to working your way through a blocked love game is revealed! Meanwhile, Hong Yu-jin’s mystery!!
The reason why she had to cut all forms of communication.
Quite funny but a situation anyone can sympathize to!!
Wait and see to find out Yu-jin’s story.


Episode 06
Title: 말하자면... / In a manner of speaking...
Airdate: 2006-Apr-03
Theme Song: Nouvelle Vague - In A Manner Of Speaking (Mediafire)

Getting mad at even the small things + awkward lies= A cheating boyfriend!!!
No!! My Philip who has proposed to me?!!
Soo-kyung has sensed a weird atmosphere to there love!!
‘She splashes into finding out about a suspicious man.’
It’s happened! It’s happened!! What has? Something big!!
Philip shows a totally unexpected reaction to Soo-kyung’s test!!
This can’t be this man is really cheating on me?!
Soo-kyung and Philip have met a crisis to their relationship!! What is going to be of their relationship?!!
The unpredictable love graph of the 6 couples of !!
Whatever you predict they’re all absurd!! Funny!! You will be able watch a variety of things!!
Don’t forget to keep your channels fixed!!


Episode 07

Title: 좋은 사람 / (The Perfect Person - or - Alt. Translation: Good Person)*
Airdate: 2006-Apr-10
Theme Song: Toy (토이) - Good Person (Joheunsaram - 좋은 사람)(Vocal - Kim Hyung Joong 김형중) (Mediafire)

Yu-jin starts really acting like a doll!
Saying ‘Dong-ook is my man’ she starts changing the way he dresses! His hairstyle, too!
She changes everything into the way she likes it!
How can boyfriends put up with their girlfriends butting into their lives?
Do they say, “I’m not your doll! Don’t butt into my life!” and resist the changes? That’s the way an immature player would cope with the problem!
But a born playboy like Shin Dong-ook knows the way to being loved even more, yet pushed around less by his girlfriend!
Are you curious? Then just listen in~~.
On the other hand, you weren’t just two-timing you were four timing?
Min-ae has been caught in the act! Angry men are all out to get her.
How is the playgirl Min-ae going to get out of this one?


Episode 08

Title: 내게 조금만 더 시간을 줘 / (Give me a little more time - or - Alt. Translation: Give everything to me)*
Airdate: 2006-Apr-10
Theme Song: -

What is the stumbling block in dating? Borders? Age? NO!!
The answer is…money!
Soo-kyung and Philip, the 5-year couple, get into a fight over going on a couple’s trip! “Is there a law saying that guys should always pay?!”
“Why can’t you just be an awesome boyfriend and pay for the trip?!”
Money matters, a problem that you can’t just avoid or even talk to each other about, because it might make you look like a cheapskate!
Let’s all check out Soo-kyung and Phillip’s story; a story we can all relate to!
Meanwhile, there can’t be a more perfect couple than this one!
Jung Hwan and Mi-jin meet on a blind date. The unfortunate and bizarre story of how they ended up at the police station on that date is about to unfold!


Episode 09

Title: 굿바이 투 로맨스 / Goodbye to romance
Airdate: 2006-Apr-17
Theme Song: Lisa Loeb - Goodbye To Romance (Mediafire)

When a relationship starts to mature, physical contact comes in!
Shin Dong-ook’s upgraded physical contact project!
Try to get Yu-jin to come over to his house!
The sleek technique to getting your girlfriend to come over to your house is about to be revealed!
Oh~ Shin Dong-ook how frustrating!
Once again, Hong Yu-jin has done it again! She just can’t stop from doing it!
Hong Yu-jin’s bizarre, silly, and absolutely funny refusal! How do you think she refused?


Episode 10

Title: 이별이 찾아올 때까지 / Till it happen to you
Airdate: 2006-Apr-17
Theme Song: Corinne Bailey Rae - Till It Happens To You (Mediafire)

“Choi Phillip! If I investigate I can find out about everything!”
Imaginative Lee Soo-kyung has finally started to learn about Phillip’s two-timing!
Finally he is caught in the act!
Will Soo-kyung actually be able to catch Phillip’s other woman and the owner of the rose?
Soo-kyung gets into a car accident, but what a coincidence - the other car owner is Min-ae!
The two ladies call Phillip for help!
Finally Phillip has to choose between the two! Who will it be?!


Episode 11

Title: 우주를 넘어서 / Across the universe
Airdate: 2006-Apr-24
Theme Song: Fiona Apple - Across The Universe (The Beatles Cover) (Mediafire)

“If there weren’t any cellular phones quarrels between lovers would decrease by 50%!” A report on how phones affect the love life of couples!
Our cute stalker, Hong Yu-jin, wants to know everything about Dong-ook, so she secretly signs up his phone to a program that tells her where he is as long as he has his cellular phone!
Dong-ook gets annoyed talking on the phone all night and during the day he is annoyed at being under Yu-jin’s control!
Shin Dong-ook, the perfect playboy, has met his match!
The amazing, ultra special, hallelujah pursuit battle!
Yu-jin and Dong-ook! Who will be the true winner?


Episode 12

Title: 심장에서 소리가 나요 / Heartbeat
Airdate: 2006-Apr-24
Theme Song: Annie - Heartbeat (Mediafire)

“Soo-kyung, the Phillip that you used to love is gone for good.”
Phillip wants to leave Soo-kyung.
5 years of love and one goodbye…
And in the end…
There is Dong-ook, Soo-kyung’s soul mate holding her as she cries…
Finally, Dong-ook and Soo-kyung meet their soul mates.
Are they going to be able to know that they are the right person for each other?
becomes more romantic with its setting!
Finally the true love story is about to begin.


Episode 13
Title: 천국보다 좋은 / More Than Paradise
Airdate: 2006-May-08
Theme Song: Port Of Notes - More Than Paradise (Mediafire)

A soulmate is…
Someone who orders the same menu as you at a restaurant?
Someone who calls you right when you are thinking of them and missing them?
Or… no it can’t be that!
As Dong-ook meets his soulmate Soo-kyung, something extraordinary and unimaginable starts to happen!
What is this extraordinary, unimaginable, high-strung and confusing thing?
The two who are meant for each other meet, making Dong-ook’s dating expertise become useless and Soo-kyung forget about her sadness in breaking up with her boyfriend!
Will they be able to know that they are destined for each other?
How will they notice that they are soul mates?


Episode 14
Title: 내 영혼의 친구 / My best friend
Airdate: 2006-May-08
Theme Song: -

New faces have come to !
A total turn off! 10000% self confident!
He calls himself Lee June-ki!! A wanna-be actor! His real name is Lee Joo-ho!
As soon as he appears he feels that he is Yu-jin’s soul mate, no matter what.
He tries to win her love, not caring about how she feels about him, but by thrusting himself onto her!
Will his dramatic one-way love result in a happy or sad ending?
An absolutely beautiful woman! Her intellectual level is 10000%!
She is the creator of Min-ae’s love game strategies and the originator of Yu-jin’s dating diary!
Min-ae and Yu-jin’s bizarre and absurd high school friend Hah Joo-hee has caught Rye Hei in her radar!
Min-ae vs. Joo-hee! A breathtaking fight between the two goddesses is about to be revealed!
has become even funnier with the appearance of the new characters!
If you miss the show you will become an outsider, left out of conversations at school and at work!


Episode 15
Title: 내게 뒷모습을 보이지마 / Don't turn away
Airdate: 2006-May-15
Theme Song: Peking Laundry - Don't Turn Away (Mediafire)

“I’m going to break up with him for sure this time!”
Shin Dong-ook is a man who does not believe in love.
Hong Yu-jin is a woman who is always lacking 2% of his love.
She has finally proclaimed an end to it all!
Lee Soo-kyung, is single and unlucky. She has become Yu-jin’s professional love counselor and is pulled into Yu-jin and Dong-ook’s confusing, and ever-changing love.
Finally Yu-jin has asked Soo-kyung to take on her break-up with Dong-ook along with the rest of her work.
Soo-kyung…is she really going to help the two break up?!
Yu-jin and Dong-ook…are they really going to put and end to their dazzling love?
Soulmate’s ultra-special highlight! Finally the love triangle between Soo-kyung, Dong-ook and Yu-jin is about to raise its curtains!


Episode 16
Title: 사랑의 이름으로 이젠 안녕 / Stop in the name of love
Airdate: 2006-May-15
Theme Song: Bang Gang - Stop In The Name Of Love (Mediafire)

Soo-kyung, Phillip, and Min-ae finally meet!
Soo-kyung has at last found out about Min-ae!
Min-ae is the woman who has stolen away Soo-kyung’s most sublime and pure love of 5 years! Soo-kyung has been wanting to meet her!
A story any woman or man who has gone through a breakup can completely relate to!
Soo-kyung’s cute and timid, yet sad stalking story is about to be revealed!
Get your handkerchief, towel or dishtowel ready! Get ready to cry!
Soo-kyung’s soul mate Dong-ook starts to hear her thoughts and the more he reads her mind the more his heart starts to move!
The soul mates’ destiny starts to become clearer!
Are they going to be able to recognize their soul mates?


Episode 17
Title: 사랑에 빠진 사람처럼 / Like someone in love
Airdate: 2006-May-22
Theme Song: -

Episode 18
Title: 내게 모든 것을 줘 / The stuff
Airdate: 2006-May-22
Theme Song: Lasse Lindh - The Stuff (Mediafire)

Summary (Ep 17+18):
u-jin becomes more confident about Dong-ook’s love towards her.
But is fate on his soul mate Soo-kyung’s side?
Dong-ook and Soo-kyung, with the help of fate, enjoy a date together.
Through their day together their feelings for each other start to grow even bigger.
Yu-jin sees Dong-ook and Soo-kyung together.
In order to save her love with Dong-ook, Yu-jin makes a big decision!
How will this adverse-fate love triangle eventually end?
Yu-jin, the perfect woman, and Soo-kyung, Dong-ook’s soul mate whom fate has destined him to be with!
Who will Dong-ook eventually choose?


Episode 19
Title: 내가 너의 소울메이트야 I / (You are my soulmate I)*
Airdate: 2006-May-29
Theme Song: -

Episode 20
Title: 내가 너의 소울메이트야 II / (You are my soulmate II)*
Airdate: 2006-May-29
Theme Song: -

Summary (Ep 19+20):
Yu-jin and Dong-ook are an officially engaged couple.
The infinite race to marriage has finally begun!
The beautiful wedding plans of unlovable Yu-jin have finally begun!
Meanwhile, Hong Yu-jin’s husband-to-be, Shin Dong-ook.
Oh, what a harsh twist of fate!
The more and more the plans for the wedding are carried out the stronger he feels that Soo-kyung is his soul mate.
Eventually, Dong-ook follows his strong, fate-drawn feelings and starts his race toward finding his soul mate Soo-kyung.
And at last Dong-ook’s soul mate, Soo-kyung, also has a strong feeling that he is her soul mate.


Episode 21
Title: 고마워요, 소울메이트!... Part 1 / (Thanks to soulmate!... Part 1)*
Airdate: 2006-Jun-05
Theme Song: -

Episode 22 (Final)
Title: 고마워요, 소울메이트!... Part 2 / (Thanks to soulmate!... Part 2)*
Airdate: 2006-Jun-05
Theme Song: -

Summary (Ep 21+22-Final):
The other half of each other’s soul - a couple fate brought together; the two soul mates Soo-kyung and Dong-ook!
There is no more denying fate!
The feelings between the two soul mates become even stronger than ever.
Soo-kyung and Dong-ook get away from all the complications and spend some time together!
Finally it has come!
“Was it all because of Soo-kyung?”
Yu-jin finally finds out about Soo-kyung and Dong-ook!
Hong Yu-jin, a woman who makes her own fate:
“I’m not going to back away - not now!”
Yu-jin rises and starts her fight to get Dong-ook back!
The results are unpredictable…
how is this love triangle going to end?


Title: Soulmate Special Highlights / 소울메이트 스페셜 하일라이트
Airdate: 2006-Jun-26

주목~!! <소울메이트> 열혈 시청자들을 위해 야심차게 준비했다!! 본 편만큼의 무한 감동!! 무한 웃음!! <소울메이트> 스페셜!! 이제는 보여줄 수 있다!! 지난 3개월간 꽁꽁 숨겨놓았던 미공개 장면 전격 대방출!! 이보다 더 웃길 순 없다!! 엽기~ 황당~ 초절정 폭소!! NG 스페셜!! 아니 이건?!! 이런 모습 처음이야!! 선남선녀 <소울메이트> 주인공들의 색다른 면을 볼 수 있는 NO CUT 촬영장 뒷모 습 대공개!! 지난 3개월 시청자 여러분과 함께 웃고 울었던 로맨틱 시트콤 <소울메이트>!! 그 화려한 피날레가 이제 시작됩니다!!

(Sorry I didn't find the translated summary of the special. But the special features behind the scenes and NGs. I uploaded it for download here -> Link!)


Summaries by:

- On MBC's website and on dramawiki there are some typos and errors on the title of some episodes. So in order to provide more accurate information, I used the pink captions with the episode's title in korean and english as reference (it appeared in the beggining of each episode).
*-These episodes didn't had official english titles. If there are 2 translations for the title of the episode: 1rst translation was made by MBC's website and the alternative translation was made by fans.

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