Jackie Chan's talks about LeeHom on his blog
Jackie Chan (there's no need to introduce him, right? ;)) on his official blog talked about Leehom. He said very nice things about Leehom and even posted a picture he took of Leehom.

The post was made in May. I can't believe I only knew about this now! This year I've been busy with my personal life so I'm not updated about Leehom's news and I haven't been helping on LeeHom's subbing team (shame on me) or subbing many MVs. :(

But anyway, Leehom and Jackie sung 2 songs (if i'm not mistaken) together for the Olympic Games and i've read some news saying that Leehom is going to act in a new movie with Jackie Chan. If this is true, I think it's awesome! :)

Here's the pic Jackie Chan took of Leehom and the part of his post that talks about Leehom:

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Picture of LeeHom taken by Jackie Chan

APRIL 30-May 5, 2008

(...) I was the 208th torch bearer for this leg of the Olympic flame relay. In the morning, I waited at the venue in preparation for the relay and ended up waiting for about five or six hours. I saw many friends at the event and I saw Leehom Wang again so while we were waiting, we sat down and had a chat together.

Leehom Wang is an artist that I admire very much because he is one very talented, gifted, and skillful person. I actually think the heavens above have been too good to him and haven’t been very fair with the rest of us! Why would I say something like that? Well, once you get to see what Leehom Wang looks like and watch him perform, I think you’ll understand why I said that. Let me try to describe a few things about him here. Starting with his appearance, he has the looks of a handsome and charming gentleman; as for his figure, he is tall, fit, and slim; about his talents, he knows how to compose songs, write lyrics, rearrange and edit songs, and also has a very nice voice so he sings really well; about his language skills, he knows how to speak fluent Mandarin and English, and he even knows how to speak a little Cantonese; about his musical skills, he knows how to play the piano, guitar, violin, and drums; about his physical abilities, he knows how to dance and perform Chinese kung fu. After reading my descrīption of Leehom Wang, I think you might also be asking why the heavens have been so kind to him, gifting him with so many skills and talents. It’s like the love and affection from tens of thousands of Gods were all gathered together and put into his body. He’s an amazing guy (but I still think it’s not fair to the rest of us ha ha ha).

While I was getting prepared and waiting for event organizers to call me for the relay, I saw Leehom sitting to one side. He was making use of his spare time, composing a new song while he was waiting. He’s definitely one very hard-working artist. Since I had the chance, I started taking a few photos of him but before I could finish, someone called me to get ready for the relay, so I immediately put down my camera and quickly prepared for the run. (...)

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan's complete post can be found here: Jackie Chan's Official Blog

I liked what Jackie said about Leehom! hehehe I agree with everything he said! :P

Ah! LeeHom's new album has been released. It has lots of Rock songs and rock-ballads, it's very different from his previous album but I'm enjoying, it's great! :D

If you can't find the album on your country, you can order from yesasia.com or find a seller on ebay (but be careful with some ebay sellers because some sells bootlegs!).



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