Lee Hom Fansubbing Project FAQ
What's this project?
Like the name says, we'll be subbing to english videos with Lee Hom, specially his interviews, guest appearances in tv shows and other miscellany videos with him.

May I help?
YEAH! Any help is appreciated!!!! :P The more people helping better! If you want to help just send a message on the tagboard or on the comment of this post with your email. And I'll send you an email back with all the details!

How can I help? Do I need to know how to sub?
You don't need to know how to sub to help us in this project, check the positions bellow. And if you know how to sub you can help with the technical subbing stuff.
Here are all the positions and stuff you can help us with. The positions marked with a '*' doesnt need any kind of knowlage in subbing stuff:

Translation* - In our case, i think, 99% of the videos will be in mandarin. Some videos might have chinese subs which may be useful because you can translate based on the subs.

Timers - Will be literaly timing the subs so that they appear on the right time it is spoken.

Encoding - Will be hardsubbing the video, trying to reduce size of video without losing to much quality, these type of things.

Uploaders* -will be uploading the videos we release on direct download sites like megaupload, sharebee, rapidshare, gigasize etc.

Raw Finders* -will be responsible to search for the videos we want to sub. For example, if there's a video available on youtube that we would like to sub, the 'Raw finder' will look over the web to see if there's a version of this video available with good quality. Or even send a message to the person that uploaded the video on youtube, asking where to find or if they could upload the video.

Quality Checkers* -it'll be good if the person understands chinese so that he/she can check if the subs were timed correctly according to the translation and if the translation is 100% accurate or if it makes sense!

Type setter - Responsible for making the fancy stuff on the subtitles, like adding effects and positioning the subs on the right place.

Will it take to much of my time if I help with this?
Probably not because we won't be working in the same speed and pressure as drama & anime fansubs for example. We will take how much time we need to sub a video.


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This is just a collection of stuff I like. Currently I'm subbing Music Videos, mostly of Leehom though, but I sub MVs of other artists sometimes. I only update this blog when I have something to share or when I feel like posting or talking about something so don't be surprised if you don't see an update for a long time. hehehe ^^

Note: If you own the copyrights for some of the things I uploaded and you want me to delete the links, let me know and I'll remove the links from my blog.

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