LeeHom - Chasing a Dream
This text was written by LeeHom years ago. I think it's very meanful. Specially for people who are facing the same situation as him when he was younger, having a dream but having people telling you it's impossible or saying it's to unreal:

"To me, music is like when a bee sees honey – there is a remarkable attraction. My parents supported me to learn instruments as a child. Lots of my relatives and friends also love music. For them, music can be a lifelong hobby.However that is not all I want. I want to specialize in music instead of medicine.

For Chinese in the American society, there is not always fair treatment. We need to be twice as strong as they are to be competitive. With the traditional value in mind, many young Chinese-Americans knew what they wanted to do, yet were afraid of letting their parents down. In the end they may not end up with a career of their choice.

Before my high school graduation, I faced such a struggle. My older brother studied medicine, and my grades were good enough to apply for medicine as well. “Why not?” My mom asked. She told me studying music is so unrealistic. I gave in and chose to major in medicine, while still electing courses in jazz piano.

My grades were ok in my freshmen year, but I felt forced. This is not what I wanted to do. I know if I put my mind to it, I can definitely finish these studies. But in the process I would have lost my happiness.

That year I had the chance to release an album in Taiwan . My parents were not against it. They looked at it as a part-time job and told me “not to have high expectations.” But my desire for music grew stronger and stronger. For my second album, I wrote 8 songs and participated in the arrangement. I felt excited like a fish back in the water.

In my sophomore year while confirming a major, I built the courage and told my parents I wanted to study music. I told them even if I cannot find a job and have no money in the future, I will accept it because I will be happy. Of course my parents did not immediately agree to such an important decision. They consulted uncle Lee Chen-Fu in detail. Uncle Lee said a lot. In particular he mentioned that “unlike the US , there is no big drug problem among the Taiwan music industry.” My parents felt less concerned and finally agreed.

After receiving my college degree, one day mom said to me, “I can finally stop worrying about you.” She saw that I had found what I wanted, and had some success. I felt relieved since she had done so much for me. I'm glad that I made the right choice. People must have dreams. Even if it's not close within reach, do not give up or settle with reality."

Text by: Lee Hom / English Translation by: Whitemocha@mymemories.biz/lh

I hope this message from LeeHom can help and inspire other people! :)


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