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About the LeeHom Subbing Project:

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I won't stop subbing LeeHom's MV! I'm sorry for the lack of new videos. Right now I haven't been posting lots of new MVs because I'm working on my old subbed videos. Since my very first subbed MV (LeeHom's 'Kiss Goodbye' MV), I've learned a lot about subbing, encoding and typesetting so I'm going to re-encode all my old MVs with better quality, better typesetting and i'll also fix (if necessary) some pinyins and translations. Plus I've found better RAWs of some of the MVs I've already subbed. So I'll be re-encoding them with these better raws. Ah! I'm also going to re-organize the 'Hom Team Productions' (Fansubbing Group that will be in charge of subbing TV Shows and other miscellany video that features Leehom), I was away for a while (shame on me) so I'm trying to update myself about our own projects.


Aos fãs brasileiros do DBSK e do Rain ou para qualquer fã de 'dramas' asiáticos:

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Acho que até agora ninguém traduziu para o português os Banjuns Dramas do DBSK e do Rain. Então eu pretendo iniciar esse projeto. O Banjun Drama (ou 'Reverse Drama') é uma série coreana em que cada episódio é uma história diferente (e não relacionada com os episódios anteriores e seguintes). Os temas de cada Banjun variam, mas em comum todos possuem um 'twist' no final. O Rain e o DBSK estrelaram alguns dos episódios.


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This is just a collection of stuff I like. Currently I'm subbing Music Videos, mostly of Leehom though, but I sub MVs of other artists sometimes. I only update this blog when I have something to share or when I feel like posting or talking about something so don't be surprised if you don't see an update for a long time. hehehe ^^

Note: If you own the copyrights for some of the things I uploaded and you want me to delete the links, let me know and I'll remove the links from my blog.

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One of the best korean dramas I watched! :D Unique story, charismatic characters and amazing soundtrack!

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