LeeHom - White Fox (Bái Hú Li - 白狐狸)
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Note/Nota - Subtitles by Rasckita (me), Translation by afterLOVE and pinyin by hom-e-lyrics. :) I love this song! It's one of my favourite songs of the 'Wei Yi' Album.

To understand this song:

Meaning of 'White Fox':
"'A White Fox' is a girl who looks pure and innocent on the outside, but inside, has the character of a fox! At first glance, you know she spells trouble, yet despite your instincts, you are still attracted to her."

About foxes (Hu Li) in chinese mythology:

What LeeHom says about this song:

On "The One and Only Official Piano & Vocal Score" book, LeeHom wrote an introduction about each song of the 'Wei Yi' Album. Bellow is an excerpt (translated by HOM Sweet Home)of the book, the part where he talks about the song 'White Fox':

"“A White Fox” is a girl who looks pure and innocent on the outside, but inside, has the character of a fox! At first glance, you know she spells trouble, yet despite your instincts, you are still attracted to her.

When I wrote “A White Fox”, it was simply with one acoustic guitar and vocals. It reminded me of the blues. The way B.B. King or Taj Mahal would always sing about women who had wronged them, stole their money and their heads, and left them out on the street with nothing but the blues. Although the song, “A White Fox” is not a blue form, it does have that flavor. It is desperate and emotional, with a touch of self-deprecating sarcasm.

The idea of this song came from a conversation I had with a colleague at Sony Beijing. There was an attractive Chinese girl that I had seen, and mentioned her name to this colleague. “Oh…be careful of her, Leehom”, she said. “That girl is a white fox!” When she explained to me what a white fox was, I was intrigued by the term. I’ve heard different terms to describe this kind of girl, but never “White Fox”. I know it would be a great title for a song.

Well, my fellow comrade, here is the song. Always keep this song in mind if you see a white fox you cannot resist. Remember this song, or else, falling in love with her will be your punishment."


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