[New Version] Hua Tian Cuo (Karaoke in Pinyin & English Translation)
This is the 2nd subbed version of 'Hua Tian Cuo'. The subs, the encode are way better than the previous version plus this is MV version and not KTV (video with huge chinese karaoke on the screen). The pinyin subs are with tune marks and the translation is a bit different.

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To understand this song:

This song has lots of references to chinese operas and novels so besides reading the translating on the mv, you might want to read the interpretation made by the translator of the lyrics Hyde (from jay-chou.net):

"First of all 花田错 (Hua Tian Cuo) is a Peking Opera (of the type Cun Qu, I think) itself. So then lots of things fall into place.

So the Chorus then; all the in-between lines, "It was agreed that everything would be forgotten before the dawn breaks / An embrace that has become torture / It was as meaningless as an infatuation with a mere whim /Please, forgive the disturbances of my extraneous passions" , seem to me to point pretty obviously at him cheating. And then the line he repeats 4 times, "In the flower fields I made a mistake", has two meanings, both of them intended. The first one goes with the in-between lines, that whatever forbidden act he'd performed was done in a field of flowers. But put into context, it can also mean that he was unfaithful With the opera. That it was the opera "Hua Tian Cuo" itself, which bewitched him. (And as roche wrote, that's what the song's intended meaning to be.)

The verses all deal with him being drunk and talking to a 'you' about "your beauty" and "you lit the candleflame". The "you" he's referring to could be the third woman, or the peking opera.

He says that the "scenery in the cup has a pervasive charm". And also says a few times, how his surroundings lacked color. Other than remorse for his wrong act, it seems more like he's comparing two realities: one that's in the opera, and one that's his real life. And he's saying that he's so enchanted by everything in the opera "Hua Tian Cuo", he's so drunk on it, that he's almost perferring it to real life. And in a way, that's being unfaithful to reality.

Now if we liken the opera, and reality each to a woman; reality the girlfriend and the opera "Hua Tian Cuo" the mistress, the more conventional meaning comes through."


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