[Discography] Eddie

Eddie is a young talented singer, songwritter and composer. He has a smooth and beautiful voice and he's also the lyricist and composer of his own songs and has also written songs for Wheesung and Soulstar. His album and singles recieved positive reviews when released.

After debuting, he had to take some time off to finish his studies in New York University at the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music founded by Clive Davis who is a legend in the American Music Industry. In 2009, he made a comeback with his digital single 'Over' (also written and composed by him).

Since it's hard to find Eddie's music online and also to buy, I decided to post his discography for download. But please support him and buy his singles and albuns!

There aren't many information about him online, but you can check this small article '"Singer song-writer Eddie’s New 2009 Single, ‘Over’" that talks a bit about his comeback and and his career.


Stage Name: Eddie (에디) / Eddie Shin
Korean Name: Shin Seung Yong (신승용)
Birthdate : November 26th 1986
Height : 179cm
Weight : 70kg
From : USA
Company: Cube Entertainment (same company as Mario and 2AM)
School : NYU Recorded Music Major
Website : Eddie's Cyworld

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---- Discography Download----


Vol. 1 - Just My Way
Release Date: 26 May, 2005
Genre: Pop/R&B/Ballad

Track #. Translated Title / Romanized Title / Korean Title
01. Hello (My Name Is Eddie)
02. Groovin' (Feat. Masta Wu)
03. I Don't Know Why / Geuttae-neun Wae Molla-sson-neunji / 그땐 왜 몰랐었는지
04. Great Scent / Jo-eun Naemsaedo / 좋은 냄새도
05. What's Wrong / Wae Geurae / 왜 그래 (Feat. Wheesung - 휘성)
06. Do U Wanna Fall In Love
07. Love Song (Feat. Soulstar)
08. Day / Haru / 하루 (Feat. Vivasoul D'Low)
09. May I Kiss You? / Kiss-hae Jugenni / 키스해주겠니 (Feat. Lyn)
10. Letter / Pyonji / 편지
11. Music
12. Paradise
Download: Mediafire (61.18mb, Rar)

Singles/Digital Singles:

[Single] Love, Twenty / Sarang, Seumusal / 사랑, 스무살
Release Date: 23 October, 2006
Genre: Pop/Ballad

Track #. Translated Title / Romanized Title / Korean Title
01. Love, Twenty / Sarang, Seumusal / 사랑, 스무살
02. Never Say Goodbye / Heeojiji Malja / 헤어지지 말자
03. A Man And A Woman / Namgwa Yeo / 남과 여
04. Lost In Love / Sarangeul Nochida / 사랑을 놓치다
05. Cinderella / Shindeh-rella / 신데렐라
Download: Mediafire (27.93mb, Rar)

[Digital Single] Lost In Love / Sarangeul Nochida / 사랑을 놓치다
Release Date: 9 February, 2007
Genre: Ballad

Track #. Translated Title / Romanized Title / Korean Title
01. Lost In Love / Sarangeul Nochida / 사랑을 놓치다(Acoustic Version)
02. Lost In Love / Sarangeul Nochida / 사랑을 놓치다(Original Version)
Download: Mediafire (11.59mb, Rar)

[Digital Single] Over
Release Date: 27 February, 2009
Genre: Pop/R&B/Ballad

Track #. Title
01. Over (Feat. Kayoco)(Korean Version)
02. Over (Feat. Kayoco)(English Version)
Download: Mediafire (13.04mb, Rar)


[Soundtrack] Kid Gang (키드갱) OST
Release Date: 31 May, 2007
Genre: Various

Track #. Translated Title / Romanized Title / Korean Title
14. Some day / Uhnjenganeun / 언젠가는 (Hanpyo - 한표 Theme Song)(Feat. Mario - 마리오)
Download: Mediafire (4.45mb, Mp3)

[Collaboration] GC Hammer (G.C. 해머) - Must Have
Release Date: 17 January, 2007
Genre: Dance/Hip Hop

Track #. Title
01. Club Arirang (Feat. VJ Jerome 제롬 & Eddie 에디)(Original)
Download: Mediafire (5.01mb, Mp3)
02. Club Arirang (Feat. VJ Jerome 제롬 & Eddie 에디)(DJ Oga remix)
Download: Mediafire (5.54mb, Mp3)

[Collaboration] Lyn (린) - Vol. 3 One and Only Feeling
Release Date: 21 June, 2005
Genre: Pop/Ballad

Track #. Romanized Title / Korean Title
02. Nachi Sarajainbam / 낮이 사라진밤 (Feat. Eddie 에디)
Download: Mediafire (5.97mb, Mp3)

[Collaboration] Ivy (아이비) - Vol. 1 My Sweet and Free Day
Release Date: 19 July, 2005
Genre: Pop/Dance

Track #. Title
02. Dawn, Dawn, Dawn (feat. Eddie)
Download: Mediafire (3.53mb, Mp3)

Songs by Eddie

Wheesung (휘성) - Vol. 2 - It's Real
Release Date: 21 August, 2003
Genre: R&B/Pop

Track #. Title
15. Outro (Lyrics by Eddie)
Download: Mediafire (2.08mb, Mp3)

SoulStar (소울스타)- Vol. 1 - SoulStar
Release Date: 31 May, 2005
Genre: R&B

Track #. Title
01. SoulStar (Lyrics & Composition: Eddie)
Download: Mediafire (1.85mb, Mp3)
07. Under Your Love (Lyrics: Eddie)
Download: Mediafire (8.12mb, Mp3)


Unreleased Songs by Eddie
Eddie - Paradise (English Version)
Download: Mediafire (4.76mb, Mp3)
Eddie - Even If
Download: Mediafire (4.80mb, Mp3)

Live on Radio/Etc (Unreleased Rips)
Mario & Eddie - Wild Wild West (Cover of Will Smith's Song)
Download: Mediafire (2.80mb, Mp3)
Eddie & H-Eugene - No Diggity (Cover of Dr Dre & Blackstreet's Song)(Live on Radio)
Download: Mediafire (6.31mb, Mp3)
Eddie - Officially Missing You (Remix)(Cover of Tamia's Song)(Live on Radio - 07.29.05)
Download: Mediafire (4.31mb, Mp3)

Live Performances (Unreleased Rips)
Eddie - Lost In Love (Sarangeul Nochida)(Live on Show Music Tank - 02-08-07)
Download: Mediafire (5.71mb, Mp3)
Eddie - I Don't Know Why (Live on Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter - 2005)
Download: Mediafire (5.29mb, Mp3)
Eddie - Officially Missing You (Remix)(Cover of Tamia's Song)(Live on Wheesung's Concert
Download: Mediafire (4.34mb, mp3)

---- Credits----

Upload and Mp3 Rips: All mediafire links were uploaded by Rasckita who also ripped most of these files.
Eddie's Profile and tracklist information: soompi.com
Pictures and album cover: google, soompi and maniadb.com
Note: Please do not take the download links out of this blog without permission!

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