[Album] Swi.T - Vol. 1 - Song Will Tell

Unlike what many people think, 2ne1 is not the first girl group produced by YG Entertainment. The first one was a trio called Swi.T (which stands for 'Song Will Tell' and is pronounced like 'sweety'). Unfortunelly they weren't very sucessful, but I think the reason why this happened was because they were active for only 2 years and back then the music scene was not like nowadays. I believe they would become sucessful if they didn't had to break up so soon. The girls of Swi.T were very talented (with nice vocals) and their debut album is pretty cool (I loved their 'Hotel California' Remake). Even though they didn't lasted for long, they still have famous fans like Rain and Lee Hyori who praised Swi.T's talent and music.

If you like 2ne1, you'll probably enjoy this album. Swi.T's style is not exactly the same as 2ne1, but the girls are also fierce and the songs are not like the regular girl-groups. It's definetely YG style!

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About Album:

Artist: Swi.T (스위티)
Album: Vol.1 - Song Will Tell
Release year: 2002
Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop


Track #. Title
01. I'll Be There
02. Let Me Be The One (Feat. Perry)
03. On and On
04. 나 변했나봐 / Na Pyonhaetnapwa
05. 너와난 하난거야 / Neowanan Hanankeoya
06. Everybody Get Down (Feat. Jinu)
07. Every Night Every Day
08. Wishful Thinking
09. Funny How Love
10. Go (Feat. Lexy)
11. I'll Be There (2Step Remix)
12. Hotel California (Remake)

Info about Swi.T:

In spring of 2002, after four years of preparation, Swi.T debuted as the first females to release an album under YG Entertainment. They had previously made an appearance rapping on 1TYM's second album on the track Ready or not Yo! (Korean version) in 2000 and singing in the song Don't Leave Me on Perry's album in 2001.

Prior to the album's release, the song Go was released via YG's website. The song featured Lexy rapping and reinforced people's expectations that Swi.T would be a hip-hop group. When their album was actually released, surprisingly over a third of the 12-track album was of a mellow R&B nature. The group was often compared to American group TLC, partially due to musical style and partially due to the similarity of their costumes and sets of the I'll Be There music video compared to TLC's "No Scubs" video.

During the 2002 Fifa World Cup, Swi.T performed a remix of their song I'll Be There unofficially dubbed the "Hey Micky Remix" by fans as it sampled the song "Mickey" by Toni Basil. Though the song wasn't released on any CDs, it was available for download off of the YG Entertainment website for a period of time.

Swi.T participated in the second YG Family album, Why Be Normal? and after promotion of their song from that album Everybody Get Down (Part 2), left the stage to work on their second album.

On February 25, 2004, Yang Hyun Suk left a message on the YG website updating fans with the status of all the YG artists, including Swi.T In this message, he informed fans of the cancellation of the group's second album and the disbandment of the group. The reasons given were that member Ahn Nai Young moved to America with her family and that Sung Mi Hyun was having family troubles. Only Lee Eun Ju was stayed with YG, and at the time would undergo training in Japan in preparation for a solo album.

Alone, Eun Ju has done some collaborative work with other YG Artists such as 1TYM's Danny. Since the 2004 announcement, plans for Eun Ju changed from a solo album to being in a group with 1TYM's Song Baek Kyung and some newcomers.

At one point, Lexy was going to be a member of Swi.T, and Voixco's B-Ya was a member of the group prior to their official debut.
(Source: Swi.T's Fan MySpace)

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