[MV] Wang Lee Hom - Yao Gun Zen Me Le!! (English & Pinyin Subbed)
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Song: What's Happened To Rock!! (Yao Gun Zen Me Le!! - 摇滚怎么了!!)
Artist: Wang Lee Hom (王力宏)
Album: Heart.Beat (Xin.Tiao - 心.跳)

Note - Leehom could easily stay in his comfort zone and write/compose songs to be KTV hits because he knows how to make songs to please general public (catchy songs and emotional ballads), but the fact that he decided to try the most unique route says a lot about how Leehom loves to experiment with different sounds and styles. I know that among Leehom's fans there are mixed reviews regarding this song, but even if you don't like this song, at least you'll admit that the punk+tradicional chinese music blend is definetely unique. And I'm sure that like me, as a fan of Leehom you're glad that Leehom is the type of artist that truly love music and is open to try all different styles of music.

Ah! this MV is DVDRip quality, no TV Logos (Yey!)! Soon I'll be releasing the other MVs of Leehom's 'Heart.Beat' album subbed.

Pinyin & Translation: http://fall.gathering-rain.net
Subtitles, Typesetting & Encoding: Rasckita

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